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Winter Session

We know that it can be difficult to commit to a year long activity, so we would like to invite you to join our 6 week Winter session to give our classes a try with minimal commitment.

Classes & Fees

We will be running classes for ages 3 & up

in styles such  Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Acro, Ballet, Pre School and Combination classes.

Classes for our 4 week session begin at just

$40 for 30 minute class
$50 for 45 minute class

$60 for 60 minute class

Click here to view schedule.

Enrollment is now open and classes begin December 9th, 2024.


What happens if my child wants to keep dancing after the 4 week session?

Great news! If you love the classes and would like to register for the full year, we will take the fees you paid for the 4 week session and apply it towards our 28 week session. So give us a try today!

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