2020-21 FACULTY



Inspiring dancers through compassionate motivation

Originally from Saskatchewan, Miss Karla has owned SBDC since 2007. Her proudest moment as a studio director was when the SBDC team won the Spirit Award at Thunderstruck Dance Competition for having dancers and teachers who were not only talented, but kind and supportive to the other competitors. As a teacher, Miss Karla leaves her students feeling happy and energetic after every class.



Passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable

Miss Amanda did the majority of her training through the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. As a teacher, Miss Amanda takes pride in her student's achievements from their first step in the studio to becoming a professional dancer, and everything in between. Around the studio, Miss Amanda is known for having incredible patience with her students while also encouraging them to reach their personal best.



Connecting to dancers through honesty and clarity

From passing her Advanced 1 Ballet exam to growing our hip hop program, Miss Cammie is a truly versatile teacher and dancer. When asked, Miss Cammie will say her favourite part of teaching is that moment where you see a student practicing a step over and over and then they get it! The joy they get from that accomplishment, and knowing I helped them get there, is truly magical.



Involved, caring and genuine

Throughout her training, Miss Paige studied Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Hip Hop. Most recently she has began to dive deeper into her understanding of the origins and culture of Hip Hop in order to teach her students more than just Hip Hop steps, but their roots as well. Miss Paige loves that teaching dance allows her to teach students from a variety of backgrounds and help them find a common ground.



Encouraging, artistic and compassionate.

As a dancer, Miss Courtney shone on stage across all genres, especially tap. Her most memorable experience as a dancer was competing in the Moose Jaw festival and winning first place overall for her tap duo. Now as a teacher, she loves the feeling of hearing her students say how much they enjoy her classes and can't wait to see what they'll learn next week.

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Bringing magic to each child through kindness and caring

While dancing, Miss Katie was known as a ballerina around the studio, though she also trained in lyrical, jazz, tap and musical theatre. Her proudest accomplishments were performing a pointe solo and completing her Advanced Ballet exam. As a teacher, Miss Katie uses her knowledge to provide her students with an excellent foundation in dance while leaving each child feeling cherished.



Friendly, empathetic and charismatic

Miss Amy has spent most of her life on stage entertaining audiences through her portrayal of a wide array of characters. As a teacher, she loves seeing her students perform, especially when they are more excited than nervous to hit the stage. Miss Amy feels great when she sees her students having fun learning in class and leaving every week feeling happy and accomplished.



Supporting students to develop their artistic abilities

Miss Charlotte grew up in Manitoba before moving to BC to attend, and graduate from, the Canadian College of Performing Arts. Now that she is back in her home province, Miss Charlotte is sharing her wisdom with future performers and growing right alongside them as they inspire each other through acting exercises, character exploration and creating meaningful connections.