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We offer a large variety of dance classes for all skill levels. Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping each dancer achieve their highest potential, while also having as much fun as possible. Have a look at our programs below to see all that we offer.



Ages 2 & 3

A creative movement class for a child with a caregiver which focuses on developing basic motor skills, using their imaginations and learning about music and dance. This class is designed to give children the basics of dance, while playing games using instruments and creativity to create a fun and exciting class!


Ages 3 & 4

A class designed for children that are ready to dance without a caregiver in the room. This class incorporates Creative Movement and Ballet to give students the basics to their early dance training, while playing dance games and using imagination to create a fun and exciting class!



Ages 4 & 5

A class designed for children that have the confidence to dance on their own and the focus for a 45 minute class. This class incorporates Ballet and Tap to give students the basics to their early dance training while using their imaginations to create a fun and exciting class! Students also learn musicality and rhythm by learning basic tap dancing techniques.


Pre Junior Combo (Ages 6-8)
Junior Combo (Ages 8-11)

A class designed for students who are just starting their dance training, as well as those who have already have a year or two of early dance training and are getting ready to transition into more structured classes.  These classes focus on Ballet and Tap, while also learning the basic elements of Jazz.

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Cecchetti Syllabus

Ballet is available as a part of our preschool and combination classes (ages 2 - 11), and as a stand alone class for those ages 5 & up.

Ballet provides the base for all technical dance styles, combining strength, poise, fluidity and grace.


Al Gilbert & ADAPT Syllabi

Tap is available as part of all of our combination classes (ages 4-11), and as a stand alone class for those ages 5 & up. Dancers will learn how to use their feet to create a variety of different rhythms and percussions.



ADAPT Syllabus

Jazz is available for those ages 5 & up as a stand alone class, or combined with Tap & Ballet in our combination class. Jazz is high energy, focusing on dynamic movements and developing strength and flexibility.


By Invitation Only

Pointe is the art of  ballerinas dancing on the very tip of their toe, with special pointe shoes. At SBDC, Pointe is available for those ages 12 & up, who train in ballet twice a week or more, and have been invited by their instructor, based on their technique and strength.



Ages 5 & up

Musical Theatre is a class which includes acting, singing and dancing as in popular musicals such as "The Sound Of Music", and "Mary Poppins". It is designed to give students all the basics to make them a "Triple Threat", in the world of theatre and dance.


Ages 5 & up

A class in which students learn the foundations, fundamentals and techniques of hip hop. Techniques such as bounce, groove and isolations. We also explore different styles such as house, 90s, whaacking, stepping, lyrical and mainstream moves.

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Acrobatic Arts Syllabus

Open to ages 5 & up, Acro is a combination of dance technique with tumbling & limbering skills (cartwheels, bridges, handstands, walkovers and more). Students will also work on their strength, flexibility and balance.


Ages 10 & up

Lyrical combines technique from ballet and jazz to express the emotions of the music through movement. Contemporary dance concepts will also be explored. Students must also be registered for at least one ballet and/or jazz class.



By Invitation or Audition

These classes are designed to bring hard working students together to bring their dancing to the next level. In addition to refining their technique, students will have an opportunity to work on their performing skills while learning various different combinations and an extra routine to be performed in our annual recital. They also participate in various competitions throughout the year.  Students are selected for these classes based on their work ethic, effort, attitude and ability, as well as through an annual audition.


Ages 18 & up

Adult classes are for those who are looking for a fun and interactive way to learn the basics of dance and stay in shape at the same time! Once again, SBDC will be offering an Adult Combination Class.  The class will learn different styles and combinations of dance throughout the year.  It will include a warm-up of stretch and strength and a full dance class. Classes are taught in a welcoming and non-judgmental environment and are suitable for dancers of all experience and fitness levels.

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