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January 21st

ADAPT Jazz Exams

February 1st - 7th

Parent Observation Week

March 3rd - 5th

Centre Stage Dance Competition

March (Date TBA)

Cecchetti Ballet Exams

March 17th - 19th

Masquerade Dance Competition (Sr/Adv Only)


March 20th - 23rd 

Picture Week

March 27th - April 3rd

Spring Break

April 15th & 16th

Shining Stars Recital (SRSS - Steinbach)

April 27th - 30th

Candance Competition (Regina)


May 13th & 14th

Acrobatic Arts Exams

May 20th - 23rd

Dance Canada Competition


May 22nd

Victoria Day (No Regular Classes)


June 3rd

Dare to Dance Recital (Seven Oaks Performing Arts Centre - Winnipeg)

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